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Useful Tips To Pick The Right Horse For Betting

Even though horse racing is a sport that depends on chance to a great extent that does not mean that you should entirely rely on your lucky stars. It is possible for you to increase your chances of winning to a significant level by learning more about the sport and the horses. Utilizing various tricks and techniques will enable you to make the right decisions too. In this case, here are tips that you will find to be useful.

Know the Essentials

The very first thing that you need to do is learn the basic things about horse racing. In this case, the first thing you should know is that horse racing is unpredictable. Anything can happen on the tracks, especially when jumping is involved. This is what makes the sport an exciting one too. Secondly, you need to understand that the outcome of the game does not entirely depend on the quality of the horse. There are various factors that can affect this including the experience of the trainer. Finally, you must not always focus on the horse that wins. Regardless of the winning track, you need to select the horse that has the better odds.

Read the Form Guide

This is something that all betters do. It does not matter what kind of technique or strategy you are trying to use, you must always make use of the form guide. This guide has a lot of information that can be used to make excellent predictions. You will be able to find out which horses are more likely to win and which ones are not. Knowing accurate information is important in sports betting.

Analyze the Horses

The most obvious and important thing to do is analyze the horses. When analyzing the horses, there are plenty of factors that you need to take into account. For example, when betting on Australian horses in Melbourne cup and winners Melbourne cup, you must not only focus on the track record of the horse, but you need to think about the condition of the horse on the day of the race too. Does it seem healthy and fine? You also need to know if the trainer is experienced or not.

Don’t Depend on One Trick

As a better, you might have your lucky trick. But you should not always depend on it. The chances of winning are significantly higher when you use a combination of techniques. So, learn a few and use them all. This way, you will be able to make more accurate predictions.You need not worry since there are plenty of tricks that you cannot utilize. If you do a bit of research, you can find them quite easily.

The Basics On Equestrian Sports

Gambling is today one of the most watched sports in the world, as well as one of the biggest problems to battle if you are not careful. Equestrian sports is one of the earliest modes of gambling, present way before the time of casinos, and enjoyed by elite members of the society. In fact, it was a thing of social status to be able to watch a race decked out in one’s finest clothing although today it is a little less pompous however still popular. For the seasoned gambler, it does not take much to place good bets; however, everyone needs to start somewhere, so here are a few basics to start off with.


As with anything, learning the basics of a subject and grasping those basics correctly will go a long way. When it comes to latest Australian horse racing news or anywhere else in the world, there are different types of bets you can place. If you have barely watched a race, it can be hard to bet as there is technical jargon involved which can confuse you, giving the edge to someone else. Learn about the type of bets and the differences between them, for example Win, Place, Across the Board and Show to name a few.


Once you have understood the basics of the actual betting in itself, it is time for you to learn how to pick your horses. Once again, if you are planning to bet seriously, merely having watched a race or two is not going to get you anywhere. In the industry, choosing horses is known as ‘handicapping’ and this too has a technique you need to master if you hope to actually get some profit. It can be confusing to get your hands on reliable information as there hundreds of sites and books on the subject, all which are not entirely accurate. Although luck does play a big role here, knowing the performance of each horse previously as well as understanding the programme can be a game-changer.


Just as different grounds and weather can affect any type of sport be it football, cricket or rugby, when ti comes to advice for horse racing globally, there is just as much of an impact. Different horses perform differently, and certain tracks are more conducive to a win than others. Understanding which horses have performed best on what tracks will help you work out a much needed pattern to place a successful bet.


Of course it would be great if you have enough confidence in yourself to go out there and poke in the dark till you get the hang of it, however if you happen to have any friends or family who are old-hands at this, it will give you much higher chances of succeeding and saving times rather than trying to find a foothold. Go for a few races with them and ask questions. Observe, and watch how they play the game to pick up some tips and tricks. Above all, exercise self-control and know your limits!